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Chill non toxic servers for the working adult.

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[1/22] {PH3AR} (Weekly) Solo/Duo/Trio|2x|ZLevels|InstantCraft|Q

[1/22] {PH3AR} (Weekly) Solo/Duo/Trio|2x|ZLevels|InstantCraft|Q

Solo/Duo/Trio Only 10x server with over 40+ mods, InstaCraft, QuickSmelt, ZLevels, MagicLoot, BetterChat, etc.

Players: 0/100
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1. Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) Bans & Game Bans

2. Racism

3. Personal Attacks & Personal Information

4. Hacker Reports & Hackusations

5. Disrespecting Staff & Players

6. Stream Sniping

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